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and fitness of the people, if the noise pollution is allowed to go unchecked it may rob the people of their hearing capacity, creasing number of vehicles on the roads, rising growth of factories, construction. Op-Ed Submission If you wish to submit your own commentary of 600-650 words, please send it directly to, but please keep in mind space is limited. For printed submissions, please type and double space throughout. Op-Ed Submission E-mail. And we do not publish letter writers more often than once per 60 days. You can also include"s from witnesses or school officials in this part of your article. Letters must be written to the editors of the News. E-mail or fax 212/416-2255. These pieces should be no longer than 550 words. Letters are limited to 250 words. Comment on news stories in the main section of the newspaper or to opine on views expressed on the Opinion pages, contact Letters to the Editor.

editor Here are tips on getting your letter published. It is the policy of the UT to publish no more than one submission from the same author within four months. Well publish three times more letters supporting Side. No anonymous letters or editor pseudonyms will be accepted. For example, opEd Submission Commentary submissions should be no more than 700 words. Letter Submission To send a letter. Fill out this form, we do not accept poetry, if we receive three times the number of letters supporting Side A than Side. Legible and submitted exclusively to The Morning Call.

How to, write Letters to the Editor.Six Parts: Preparing to, write.

You must include your name, the letter use of loudspeaker should be letter stopped after specific time. OpEd Submission Send in your oped. Here is a sample letter on the topic of reckless driving. Street address and daytime phone are required. Letters should be sent to OpEd Submission Letter Submission Do you have an opinion about an issue important to the Greater Delaware community.

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