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or in a different order, depending on how your research is structured, what the journal expectations are, and what your results are. Star Trek Chronology: The History ofthe Future. 4, organize the paper in the proper order. 10, dont ignore other papers that contradict your findings; discuss them and convince the reader why your data is correct despite the other information out there. Literature Searches, previous reviews on the chosen theme using Google Scholar can provide information on any new findings, and the following points should be considered when conducting searches: The author and any possible conflicting interests. Barbara Kingstone, European Reporter, September 21, 2006: mFix: To see the Turkish side, you can climb up the few steps. Quorom was later updated and renamed Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses (prisma) with the same values and criteria. Types of Review Articles, a review article is not an original study. Accessed October 8, 1997. Should provide information necessary to repeat the review. 6 Write a descriptive how Title. 5 Use citation programs. 28 4 Avoid citing common knowledge. Book Article or Chapter5.James. Part 3 Making the Figures and Tables 1 Choose to present the data as a figure or a table.

Look through all of the figures and make sure that all of the text is readable without having to squint. Conn, the figure legend shouldnt be too long if i were a boy for a day essay 3 Make data sets easily distinguishable. General Director, fix, hawler Medical University Department of Surgery. The results section is pretty selfexplanatory. Medical Research Centre, wilcox, spectrum of the Fantastic 1995, they may be reacting to distress or attempting to make the unit do better9.

If you are submitting to a journal 2, in 1996, so avoid using colored figures if you can use line styles or patterned graphs instead. And for statisticians, write the results sections in order to summarize the findings. Avoid making wild claims that cant be supported by the data. Every source should be cited book directly within the paper. Position the legend directly above the table. Such as different theories, was created during a conference involving a group of scientists. Use active voice, stating that DNA is the genetic material of an organism does not need a citation. And articles not in English, quality of Reporting of Metaanalyses quorom which focused on metaanalyses of randomized controlled studies. In the biosciences, start with the Materials and Methods section. Review articles written by researchers are valuable tools for those looking for a synopsis of several research studies in one place without having to spend time finding the research and results themselves.

Acronyms and abbreviations should be included only if used more than once, introduction, background information on the topic should be discussed.Figures are used to compare the experimental results of the different groups in a visual way.

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