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are excellent tools to keep stashed away in your toolbox (or bookmarks) to pull out in times of absolute distress (i.e., an existential crisis piled-up with excuses (i.e., writer's block or uncertainty about what to do next (i.e., the publishing process ). The name says it all! Warrior Writers, warrior Writers is run by best-selling author Kristen Lamb, who guides writers with comprehensive and detailed posts that have a humorous and easy-to-read tone. It starts timer and plays beautiful background music in the background to calm you. Radiooooo Pick a country on map, choose a time, and the site will play the popular song at that time in the selected country. Then visit this site and read a new amazing poem daily. Ideas Poster, writing Trait, Word Choice. Publishing The writing blogs below aid writers in the publishing process, from behind-the-scenes intel to publishing tips and tricks. Don't Even Reply Taking sarcasm to a new level, the site owner replies to every listing on Craigslist and share the email exchange on the site which is very hilarious. Biobot is an AI program meeting that has been designed for one sole purpose only: interacting with humans. You can write your darkest secret on one side of the postcard that will be posted on the website. All those nights when you had to make do with leftover food or ready-to-make noodles will soon be a thing of the past because My Fridge Food is here to save you. Whatever it is, its a wonderfully colorful and comedic site to browse through. Control cute snakes with your mouse cursor, eat food but don't run over other players. If you need some major distraction, BuzzFeed is the place. If you love whimsical drawings of dogs, rainbows and other things, then you're bound to really fall in love with this one. Top 100 Webcomics Best 100 web comics on every categories. Shouting increase as you reach near cow.

You can zoom websites in, maps, uRLaddress in the form of a tree. So you can quickly find what you need. View pics, you can just look at whatapos. Around the world, music Map Type any musicianapos, dont miss out to check this interesting website.

Here are 40 Best Cool and Interesting websites of 2018.Mental Floss is a cool website which tells you the hidden stories behind the popular happenings around the world.Six Traits of Writing 6 Traits of Writing No Crash amp; Burn Endings Step up to writing for kids.

Etc, awkward Family Photos The site is collection of awkward family photos that were taken accidentally or intentionally but make you laugh or say WTF. Have freelance writers union you always been attracted to weird or odd things. These writing websites give concrete advice for implementing literary techniques in your writing to help your work reach its full potential.

Draw a Stickman, draw a stickman and then take it to adventure!17 of 22 Hyperbole and a Half Photo jamtoons / Getty Images Hyperbole and a Half is a Blogger blog that was created by Allie Brosh, a young woman with a talent for telling her left story through detailed Microsoft Paint drawings.Laughing Squid should be a favorite blog to check out just for all the wacky, inspiring and unbelievable stuff you can find there.

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