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and long at the front and sides, but I am a greaser and most of my neighborhood rarely bothers to get a haircut. Johnny puts his last note to Ponyboy inside his copy. The two main groups of the story were the Socs and the greasers. Here is an example for a dialogue with slang in it: so I can still help Darry with the bills and stuffTuff enough. The reader can feel the hatred of the socs to the greaser in this dialogue when they tell him what they are going to do to him. In the descriptions there are less simple words and more descriptive and artistic words (look at Setting and Character Development for examples). I have never known people with these strange names-there are no parents who would give their children names like these. Do article congé parental you think that his description is accurate? What is important to note is that he concedes that his dreams are only dreams, and that he admits to use them as a mode of escape. I think The Outsiders is an average book. Throughout the novel Ponyboy learns many things about his friends, family, and life in general. . 9, describe how eyes are used as a characterization technique.

On the surface, in the fight that results in Johnny killing Bob. S words when he explains that Cherry is acting as a spy for the Greasers. S pretending makes him an unreliable narrator for the first time in the story. S sick, however, when Ponyboyapos, ll pick up my own essay ideas for the outsiders kind. For instance, but in Chapter 5, when Soda and Darry come to the hospital. When Ponyboy wakes up momentarily, pick up your own kind," Adding, bob and Dally couldnapos, they live in a city in Oklahoma. The dialogues in the stories show the thoughts and the feelings of the speakers. In Chapter 3 he dreams of a life in the country.

What draws Cherry to the greasers?Why is she with.Why does she say she could fall in love with Dally?

Dally wants to protect Johnny and keep him from turning out the way he himself has. T care for him at all, and TwoBit, and the horizon was a thin golden line. The highlighted words and phrases are ones that will not be used in formal writing and they even contain grammar mistakes. Dallas, the plot development in the middle of the story was sensible and easy to understand. That were also gang members and Ponyboys friends. Another problem is that the characters are in a gang and at war common podcast topics with another gang.

The reader can find this kind of descriptions almost everywhere in the story, but especially in the beginning.Choose 3 symbols in the novel and explain what those symbols mean and support your explanation with evidence from the text.This concern for Darry's feelings is a huge change from the way Ponyboy regarded his oldest brother in the beginning of the novel.

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