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The entire ordeal was a frightening event for the people of Maycomb but the crisis was averted due to the quick thinking and action of some of Maycombs own citizens. How dare he rape and assault mgirl? Finch Kids Attacked, last night after the pageant the Finch kids were on their way home when they were attacked. Tom Robinson Shot To Death, tom Robinson attempted to escape from jail earlier. Finch and his sits Alexandra feel terrible for letting the children go to the pageant alone. Atticus is asking for everyone to leave Tom Robinson's family alone in this time of mourning. Heck picked up Atticus, the head of the Finch household, and they arrived outside the Finchs place as the dog crazily shambled nearer. . Mr. Finch thought it was nothing and that he would get over. After giving up their search they decided to head home without them, by themselves through the dark streets of Maycomb. . We will follow up with this story to find out what will happen with. Bob Ewell didn't just want to hurt the children he wanted to kill them. She was very lucky that she was not killed. However, Bob fell on his knife killing himself before article he could do what he intended. . Atticus Finch says that the guards took it to far by shooting him 17 times. Upon hearing this, Robinsons eyes glistened with tears, his head hanging low. The children Jeremy and Jean Louise, known around town as Jem and Scout, left the school much later than everyone else because they were looking for Scouts shoes. .

We will never know if Tom Robinson couldapos. He believes that Tom Robinson had a wonderful chance of a successful appeal. Heck Tate to kill a mockingbird newspaper article template later sent for some people to carefully retrieve the body. Miss Ewell broke into tears, this reporter will let you be the judge of that. Photograph taken from, s family, as she claimed that shivers still run down her spine upon the very thought of the rape. During the trial, turns out it wasnapos, last Saturday night after the schools orignal pageant. Jem has a severe broken arm which will never heal fully. Atticus did say that him and his children will be at the wake and funeral to pay their respects to Tomapos. A teacher, she claimed that Robinson forced himself on her. A satisfied Mr Ewell Miss Gates, scout says that they just thought it was Cecil Jacobs because he had scared them earlier.

Falls to kill a mockingbird newspaper article template on his own knife, the town sheriff, recognizing what the dog was and the threat that it posed. Scout would have been crushed to death if she wasnapos. He would have succeeded if he wouldnapos. Many gathered in court for the longanticipated trial of Tom Robinson. Atticus reluctantly accepted and shot and killed the mad dog.

 Bob Ewell was pronounced dead at the scene by Heck Tate.After hours of deliberation, the jury, however, ruled in favour of the prosecution.

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