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volunteers, and the website is largely maintained and edited by volunteers, too. So remember to use them. They can also work with your organization to deploy and maintain the wiki. (But bear in mind that other people will be able to edit your contributions, too.). Set up a demonstration, and encourage everyone to "get their hands dirty." Step 5: Invest in Training Some people on your team will be eager and knowledgeable enough to start using your wiki right away, while others will need training to feel comfortable. His goal was to create a place where software developers could record and share chunks of code. Be wary that the different wikis might not all have exactly the same ways of doing something. Before moving forwards, conduct a risk analysis to make sure that the information you store on the wiki will be secure. Emphasize the fact that the wiki tracks the history of each edit, so nobody's work will be lost if someone deletes it accidentally. Most people will benefit from hands-on, active training, while they learn about the wiki. If not, it may be time to consider using a wiki to aid collaboration. When choosing between a free or paid service, think about why you need this wiki, how many people will potentially be involved, how much time you can devote to setting it up and maintaining it, and the level of security you need. There will always be the possibility to correct it afterwards, be it you, or someone else that spots the mistake. If you need a knowledge management strategy for collecting important information from retiring experts, for example, it might be better to use a blog, or a set of static web pages. Step 3: Set up the Wiki. The templates help with that regard, and also make it easier to format information instead of doing the layout by hand. See our article on, knowledge Management for information on other ways to curate knowledge in your business. Then, watch your wiki flourish and grow. Search function to check that the page is not already there on the wiki. Consider appointing one person as curator, or "gardener of the wiki. This is what a wiki does best: it allows multiple people to collaborate and create content around a specific purpose or idea. Copy/pasting templates is encouraged. Step 6: Keep the wiki up-to-date.

Some people may continue to resist using the wiki by falling back on more familiar tools like email to share information. Help users put information in writing the right place. And databases also have their place in knowledge management. You can use journal a wiki to share notes and compare thoughts about a recent meeting or training session. Is this an evolving or a static document.

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S worth investing time and energy into achieving buyin from the whole group. Be sure to create wiki article do as each wiki does. So itapos, enter the new articleapos, war" And contribute resources, s name in the correct box for the type of article you want to create and click the" As correcting mistakes is additional work. Appoint a curator to take care of the wiki and ensure that others are updating. This undermines the efficacy of the wiki. And, because it limits knowledgesharing to those people on the recipient list. They make it easy for teams especially virtual teams to collaborate on projects.

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