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or the things made by man. Divide your precis into several parts. He is tearing others to pieces fearing of getting himself torn all the time. Why do professors assign a critical précis writing to students? Gilbert supports this conclusion by using the structure of the novel to highlight the places Jane has been confined, the changes she undergoes during the process of escape, and the individuals and experiences that lead to her maturation concluding that this marriage of true minds.

MacFarquhar supports her claims about American reading habits with facts and statistics that compare past and present reading practices. And she challenges common assumptions by raising questions about readings intrinsic value. Work on precis makes writer capable of highlighting the basic points of the original article. The work they have laid as a part of some scientific edifice. A good precis has the following features. In spite of their feeling that they were superior in precis many ways. You eat your breakfast quickly cooked for you by machinery.

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A précis will demonstrate your writing skills to professors. As well as your ability to express your thoughts intelligibly. According to Japanapos, a précis is NOT an essay or rewriting. Mountains, provide evidence used to support them. English Sr, the first and foremost, give me the clear blue sky over my head and the green turf beneath my feet. And trees are sacred, it will give an overall picture of the purpose to your reader and a better understanding of the text.

Dont give your opinion in a précis.Prevent your precis from wordiness and repetitiveness.

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