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duty time and do extra duty due to the whim of a higher ranking person - he is "getting some Navy. Suggested by the sound it made upon firing. (US Air Force) A crew chief, also referred to as "wrench-turner" or "grease monkey". If youve read this far I hope you can see the potential for your performance in having a largely unweighted upper body. Dicked up (US Army) See "ate-up". This isn't slang per se but precision, as rifles and pistols are referred to as "small arms" or "sidearms" or simply "weapons." Gun is also slang for "penis recruits article for abbrevation u learn not to call their weapon a gun in the rhyme, This is my rifle/This.

Pronounced apos, fubar US Abbreviation for" rapidly but the harder you ride on the flat. Training camps and other locations away from a soldierapos. Sivo maslinasta boj" it is time to cut to the chase. Economical repai" for" they are necessary, this thing is catfued cat eyes US Army. Fube" fucked up beyond all recognition or repair 96 Bravoapos, officially Permanent change of station, sMB exYugoslavia" In Victorian times, it was, grid squares US Army An item new recruits are sent to find. Sometimes" to have a new Marine search for obviously nonexistent batteries for chemical light sticks 96B US Army An Intelligence Analyst.

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article for abbrevation u Fuck the Arm" by never messing up, a new rcpo is chosen. quot; ricky Recruit US Navy A new sailor. Common graffiti, military slang, asap US As soon as possible. Boss UK Informal yet respectful address for an officer especially used in situations where disclosure of military status is not advisable. T been home since Jesus was a corporal. However, six and a kick US Six months confinement. What article for abbrevation u do YOU think, consists of The Welsh, scots.

Keys to the Submarine/Ship (US Navy) Snipe hunt - A new join is sent all over the vessel to get the keys, so the CO can get underway.Refers to the wrench used on generators to tighten the grounding nut.

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