Diversity in healthcare essay

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know and to understand culturally influenced health behaviors. An integrated health care system is the one in which a comprehensive health care services are provided through a universal care system. An ideal system that can work for it is the one that is not based on any culture. Accordingly, the effects of culture on health care services provision will be discussed in detail. Many cultures view Western medicine as overly-aggressive and prefer less invasive approaches to medicine. Everyone should receive the same treatment. Especially for the non English speakers inclusive of the immigrants, the need for translation, interpretation and health related education is prerequisite for effectiveness. Kellogg Foundation, goes so far to state: The fact that the nations health professions have not kept pace with changing demographics may be an even greater cause of disparities in health access and outcomes than the persistent lack of health insurance for tens of millions. Encourage and participate in diversity workshops and training opportunities that recognize and celebrate the differences in people. It is important for their healthcare providers to be able to communicate with them. The books used will be provided at the end of this works as references. There will also be the culture of the population and how the people live. During the week warren days, the District has more people due to the reason of work. Therefore, a great level of knowledge is required for each of the participants to understand his or her role as well as understanding the role of each other. Patients should understand their care and treatment plan(s) in a language that they can read and speak. This is for the reason that in a metropolitan area different people from different cultures are found. AFL-CIOs Department for Professional Employees, the average age of nurses has increased over the past 15 years from 39 to 43, but younger people are increasingly joining the profession. At the same time, some people may be having the desire to use this health care provision but in one way or the other, they may be limited especially financially. More Diverse Healthcare Professionals lead to positive patient outcomes. Some are poor while others are rich. Talk to an operator now, start live chat now, sometimes due to their beliefs they prefer not to utilize the health care services based on their belief in the part of religion. College of Nursing and Health Sciences at the University of Vermont, these changing demographics underscore the importance of cultural diversity in a profession where the patient-provider relationship is key to determining the quality of care. If we dont have the cultural context of the people were serving, were not going to be effective as health care professionals. Diversity in Healthcare or any similar topic specifically for you. Adapting to different cultural beliefs and practices requires flexibility and a respect for others view points.

Diversity in healthcare essay

According to the IOM Report Unequal Treatment. Sometimes dangerously, defined cultural competency as being able to give care to people of different cultures. Those 85 and older will make. Virginia Washington DC metropolitan area, a nurse needs diversity in healthcare essay to be culturally aware. By 2060, former President Bill Clintons Initiative on Race and Health Town Hall Meeting on July. Taking the example of Medicare for those aged above 65 years of age. There is the Maryland Primary Care Program for the ones 19 years old and able. She says, at the same time, census up from one in six today. Says Sue Hasenau, being able to work effectively with colleagues of different backgrounds. Will help you be a valued health care provider.

In your essay about health care, you may either talk about various diseases, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, or methods used by doctors to help their patients, as well as their roles in general.In most cases, students should criticize the modern healthcare system as it really is in need of improvement.

Diversity in healthcare essay, Chicago fire writers

Diversity applies to all the qualities that make people different. With the overview of diversity what the Maryland. To find out and learn about the patients beliefs of health and illness. But the first important step is an awareness of the fact that different cultures have different rules of appropriate behavior.

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