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and other elements of schema. Ppin Medicare/CMS Performing Provider Identification Number Class: Insurance An Identifier for a provider at a location in the CMS/Medicare program. In computing, object identifiers or, oIDs are an identifier mechanism standardized by the, international Telecommunications Union (ITU) and, iSO/IEC for naming any object, concept, or "thing" with a globally unambiguous persistent name. These DEA numbers are based upon the hospitals DEA number, but the authority rests with the hospital on the assignment to the residents. NH National Health Plan Identifier Class: Insurance Used for the UK NHS national identifier. MRT Temporary Medical Record Number Temporary version of a Medical Record Number Use Case: An ancillary system that does not normally assign medical record numbers is the first time to register a patient. DFN Drug Furnishing or prescriptive authority Number An identifier issued to a health care provider authorizing the person to write drug orders Use Case: A nurse practitioner has authorization to furnish or prescribe pharmaceutical substances; this identifier is in component. SP Study Permit A number associated with a permit identifying a person who is a resident of a jurisdiction for the purpose of education. A respiratory therapist non-human (e.g., articles a companion animal inanimate object (e.g., an exam room organization (e.g., diabetic education class) or any other physical or logical entity. Krankenkassen-ID des Rechnungsempfängers Use case: a subdivision issues the card with their identifier, but the main division is going to pay the invoices. FI Facility ID GI Guarantor internal identifier Class: Financial GL General ledger number Class: Financial GN Guarantor external identifier Class: Financial HC Health Card Number JHN Jurisdictional health number (Canada) Class: Insurance 2 uses: a) UK jurisdictional CHI number; b) Canadian provincial health card number. Use Case: Person is covered by an insurance policy. OD Optometrist license number A number that is unique to an individual optometrist within the jurisdiction of the licensing board. That information, along with your comments, will be governed. Driver's licence CX PID qlddl Passport CX PID-3 Pension card CX PID japen Centrelink Customer Reference Number CX PID tauslinkan Should be used in compliance with legal regulations and legislation. Asid, ancestor Specimen ID, a unique identifier for the ancestor specimen. Anonymous identifiers can be used in PID 3 by replacing the medical record number or other nonanonymous identifier. MI Military ID number A number assigned to an individual who has had military duty, but is not currently on active duty. The location is not integral to the identifier, it must be derived from the message context/content (e.g., this identifier associated to a location by association in a message or a message segment.) PPN Passport number A unique number assigned to the document affirming that. Use Case: First Nation. This ancillary system will generate a temporary account number that will only be used until an official account number is assigned. DR Donor Registration Number DS Discover Card Deprecated and replaced by BC in.5. Medicare Card Number CX PID aushicmc aushicmc aushicmc200706 (10 digit number example) (11 digit number example) (11 digit number with expiry date) For further details refer to: METeOR 270101 tml/itemId/270101 viewed 2nd August 2016. In computer security, OIDs serve to name almost every object type. Thus, an OID denoting Intel Corporation appears as follows,.4.1.343 and corresponds to the following path through the OID tree: 1 ISO.3 identified-organization,.3.6 dod, internet,.4 private,.4.1 iana enterprise numbers,.4.1.343 Intel Corporation, a textual representation of the OID paths is also commonly seen; for example. Please note that disqus operates this forum. By commenting, you are accepting the.

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S or T with ACT included in NSW N and NT included in. A provider group or an organization within an Assigning Authority. Financial Use Case, x messages uses the common attributes of HLIdentifier Type and Userdefined Table 0363 Assigning Authority below. DL Drivers license number DN Doctor number DO Osteopathic License number An identifier that is unique to an osteopath within the jurisdiction of a licensing board. Financial, mS MasterCard Deprecated and replaced by. Identifier journal article with ediction examples Identifier Data type Example Field Message content Comment Patient Identifiers Medical record number CX PID rmhmr In this example the assigning authority is" One as the creditor, and the use of the assigning authority is to provide uniqueness of the patient identifier. Procedure, report etc is done on the right patient and the results are consigned to the appropriate person. RM" a more precise definition of an account number. PRC Permanent Resident Card Number PRN Provider number A number that is unique to an individual provider.

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A physician identifier assigned by the AMA. The other as the debitor, dVG gold, pT Patient external identifier QA QA number RI Resource identifier A generalized resource identifier. PCN Penitentiarycorrectional institution Number A number assigned to individual who is incarcerated. VN available Visit number VP Visitor Permit A number associated with a document identifying a person as a visitor of a jurisdiction or country. Anon, dP Diplomatic Passport A number assigned to a diplomatic passport.

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