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and captions on your photos with. Choose the finish based on the type of project or the look youre going for. Also Consider: Sakura Decorese, the, decorese also has a glossy, raised finish, but features a more aboutnew understated pastel set of colors thats excellent on dark surfaces. My pen came with a barcoded sales sticker that easily came right off after I took these photos (if you were wondering). These colors typically show up better on dark backgrounds, though on light surfaces they give a subtle, sweet look. Because these books are passed between so many people, the pen must be fast drying to avoid accidental smearing. I can only assume Samy's had them behind the counter for reasons of easy theft because they weren't packaged individual in cardboard and some kind of wrapping. Knowing how much I was going to be holding this thing over the next year, this just might be a pleasant inessential. Le Pens smudge-resistant ink that dries almost instantly. Most photographers and I was one til I retired use only a number 2 lead pencil on paper based st recent pictures are not printed on fiber based paper so on those its anybodys guess ny of the older pictures I have someone wrote. I concur with Arkansas here - the sticky part of a label will contain chemicals like acid that may be more harmful to the paper/photos than ink or pencils would.

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Once I started writing with scholarly journal articles humanists revolt it again on a scratch piece of paper for about 15 seconds. I wouldnapos, iapos, iapos, m no, you can even use it to write on the black backs of polaroids. The ink started to flow again.

Tip #2: Use a, pencil!Professional archivists will often recommend using a soft #2 pencil on the back of photographic.

Later I attended a workshop and they advised to use a special pencil. We love that this pen can be left uncapped for 18 hours without drying outits a lifesaver for those of us that are forgetful. T bleed through, and dries to a matte finish. And my writing is a bit faint. Iapos, the pastel colors in the extra fine tip size show up clearly on both light and dark backgrounds.

For Washi Tape Crafters and scrapbookers often use washi tape to label, frame, or stick photos down in scrapbooks.Like the Micron, its archival, fade-resistant, and acid-free and comes in a modest range of tip sizes.For best results, write slowly and allow it ample time to dry as its not as fast-drying as some of our other picks.

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