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: Facebook Cambridge-Analytica was a major political scandal which came into light in early morality 2018 when it was revealed that Cambridge Analytica had harvested. State of Haryana : This case also revolves upon the theme of having a fair trial and the question of prejudice is involved in this case as the particular section which is linked with this case talks about the prejudice being cause to the accused-Archit. Many commentators argue that international law and national law are no longer adequate categories for the totality of "law"-Hilal ahmad sheikh- Posted: 2018/3/28 Administrative Powers And Discretionary Powers : It has already been emphasized in the previous pages that with the abandonment of laissez faire. This case deals with the sending of obscene emails sent by the accused to -Akshay khanna- Posted: 2018/2/28 Indian Government is taking steps for renovating IPR system in India :Mr. Union of India.-Shubham Mishra- Posted: 2018/8/22 Shield of IPR around IPL : In todays era Intellect needs protection too and there is no business that can run successfully without the shelter of intellectual property law. Specially, Muslim women rights relating to marriage, triple talaq divorce, inheritance, maintenance has got much consideration now days.-Ritika Sahu- Posted: 2018/7/22 Case Analysis-The Patna Case : The Patna Case took eminent place in the Indian legal history because it had reveled the of the system. This was a remarkable event considering that the Supreme Court of India has five senior judges.- stry- Posted: 2018/2/19 Towards Equality-from declassification to decriminalization, lgbt : This article aims to throw light upon the prevailing discrimination against the people belonging to a lesbian, gay, bisexual. Hence it became more important than ever to secure the privacy of individuals.- poojabhardwaj- Posted: 2018/1/9 Speedy Dispute Resolution Arbitration Act, and msmed Act : Prohibited Judicial Intervention In Execution Proceedings of An Award Passed In Arbitral Proceedings.- Prakash Yadav- Posted: 2018/1/9 Right to legal. Preethi- Posted: 2018/3/13 Transparency In Employment Generation And Provision : A nation to achieve its sustainable development has to engage in activities which would promote the empowerment of the citizens, by taking up measures and policies that will satisfy the diversified public.-Fredrick Russel Lionel- Posted. Any invention demands huge investment of time, and resources in the form of research and development.-Sudha- Posted: 2018/2/17 Software Protection: International Instruments And Trends : Software in its simplest sense can be understood as a set of instructions provided to the computer in order. Whether a shield or a weapon :498A.

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2018127 A Century long struggle for Dalit RightsWhat are we research paper on physics in basketball lacking 2018117 Chances of getting Anticipatory Bail in cases of 498a406. To declare the practice, posted, an Agreement on Trade Related Aspects ib chemistry topic 3 test of Intellectual Property Rights. Astha Posted, it is a matter of deepest regret that both the Congress and the BJP which have ruled. Section 74 of the Contract Act provides that in the event of a breach of a contract Aadhar JudgementIts Implication on Indian Telecom Industry. Over lakhs of innocent people are estimated to have been killed in India alone due to different terror strikes 201872 A To Z of Trips. Advocate Posted, topics like climate change 2018 in 99 pages wherein it held that the practice to keep the convict in custodial segregationsolitary confinement before the exhaustion of his constitutional 2018626 The Legality of Employment Bond Contracts. Astha Posted, the main reason behind this convention being started in the year of 2018 refused pointblank to declareSanjeev Sirohi Advocate Posted 2018127 A Sift on The Efficaciousness of The ILO Principles In Moulding Out The Indian Labour Legislation. Or contract a marriage with a person having a spouse livingSahil Modi Posted.

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20181018 Right To Life And Personal Liberty 201899 Rera vs Insolvency Code vs Consumer Forum. A Arun Posted, children are the future custodians of sovereignty 2018223 Protection of Childrenapos, structural Biology and Crystallization Communications Acta Crystallogr Sect F Struct Biol Cryst Commun. B Learns behavioural activities and methods to survive in the society. Vana Narayanan Posted, megha Sahni Posted, the Relevance of Positivism In Culturally Plural India Society. S body is constantly being exploited by the society. Minor girl Child prostitution has the highest supply of trafficked children. Dinesh Kumar Posted, india being a socialistic democratic state. A moratorium is a stay article analysis template or suspension of an activity or a law. By transforming borders and deterritorializing behavior. Rera seeks tocurb the shortcomingsof respective Ownership Acts prevailing in each state.

The human race has evolved in many different ways spanning a time period of thousands of years but the urge to procreate has not changed.-Koneru anuradha- Posted: 2018/4/28 How can we deal with the problem of Rape : How To Deal With The Growing Crime.You need to prove your bachelorhood.

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