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the snow houses 2, which are in use. Other provinces and territories whose official names are aboriginal in origin are Yukon, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and Nunavut. . This leads to the lack of appropriate health care for the needs of the Aboriginal people further adding to the poor state of health affairs faced by the indigenous societies. 4 chance to have a low birth weight baby as compared. 2 for a non-Aboriginal woman (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2008).

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If it had not been for the sample essays on aboriginal culture help of the Algonquian and the Huron tribes. More and more aboriginal art had reached a wide variety of audience. But they also introduced them to the typical food and tools of the native people 2000, the Ojibwa, and Illionis, france also had loose alliances with the Great Lakes Algonquians. According to McGrath amp, due to the occupation of rural areas by the Aboriginal people. Najman, they accessibility to healthcare is hampered by the lack of transport usually resulting in less frequent visits to health professionals. Which made the life of the settlers easier. Not only did the aboriginals made it possible for the European settlers to establish a country in the continent. This paper therefore looks at the epidemiology of the state of health for the Aboriginal community. Other problems are as a result of the lack of access to health services by some Aboriginal communities. Phillips 2008 research into the effects of public health system and especially on the response by various institutions to indigenous public health needs is lacking.

The native peoples contribution to the articles economy and cultural heritage of Canada is very important. Stem from the unbalanced nature of the political economy. In conclusion, adult male Aborigines also face higher risks of accidental injuries as compared to nonaboriginal adult males. Other diseases faced by prepubescent Aborigines include chest and throat infections as well as injuries from accidents. This is credited to both the physical distance to such amenities as well as various aspects of cultural insensitivity. The lack of nutritious foods increases the likelihood of children to contract infectious diseases further enhancing the childrens malnutrition. Aboriginal people are more likely to accept the views of traditional healers as opposed to opinions offered by Western health professionals. As well as more Western lifestyle health problems such as cardiovascular.

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In the past, some form of segregation has been observed amongst healthcare providers when offering their services to Aborigines and non-aborigines (Carson., 2007).Other factors connected to low birth weight include that of an enhanced risk for consequent diseases during puberty and adulthood that may lead to neonatal death.

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