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interval is kept regular whatever is irregular gains more importance. NourbeSe Philip, Vanessa Place, Dan Richert, Kim Rosenfield, Ara Shirinyan, Carlos Soto-Roman, Juliana Spahr, Mathew Timmons, Mónica de la Torre, Divya Victor, Chris Sylvester, unfo, Christine Wertheim, Joseph Yearous-Algozin, Steven Zultanski A response by Christine Wertheim "Some Thoughts on Conceptual Writing" In contemporary art circles. Regular space might also become a metric time element, a kind of regular beat or pulse. Legion (II) is a response to my poem Legion, which formerly appeared on this site. Flirting with the intensified ethos of information management, much conceptual writing cannily traffics in the kinds of capital that accrue to strategically branded Warholian personae. Children will have to stop playing all slapping and counting and singing games and stick to board games and football. The artists and writers behind the movements ask us to think about, rather than read their works, but the works themselves ask us to do both; to think about procedure, author, idea, yes, but to add that conceptual framework to our already-existing interpretive modes. The poems of our era are designed to disappear. Conceptual writing is, at its core, an exploration of media and how media informs writing, or, as Douglas Huebler stated, a writing through the facticity. Of course this is nothing new: think of John Cages notion of silence or Duchamps urinal. I think the text must be long enough to give the reader whatever information she needs to understand the work and framed in such a way that will facilitate this understanding. dedication ON november 9, 1923, at 12:30 in the afternoon,. . My first. . The idea becomes a machine that makes the text. 4 Amidst these efforts, conceptual artists theoretical texts intermittently veer into the vernacular field of the slogan: art as idea as idea/the idea is the machine that makes the art / the world is full of objects I do not wish to add any more. 7.we shall reminisce about the time when human beings still wrote poetry for other humans. Weve had a little bit of pastiche, a little bit of you know, a line paragraphs on conceptual writing from here, a line from there. The mathematics used by most writers is simple arithmetic or simple number systems. Think of the practices of Adrian Piper, David Hammons, Jimmy Durham, Kara Walker, Gran Fury, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Martha Rosler, Tania Bruguera, Jayson Musson, Sharon Hayes the list could go on and. We often associate medical advances as helping the body, but here I want to emphasize the structural or conceptual dystopia of sexism that impacts the structure of the female body. Conceptual art and conceptual writing, then, make specific demands paragraphs on conceptual writing of their audiences. On October 21, 2007, Ben was 13 years old, living with his family. Kant advanced a different formulation of the aesthetic as an affect aroused when a mind encounters something it cannot comprehend and define with a concept. In conceptual writing the idea or concept is the most important aspect of the work. Using a simple form repeatedly narrows the field of the work and concentrates the intensity to the arrangement of the form.

If theres one thing thats certain for everyone. In turn, in the work of architects and musicians. Conceptual writing is allegorical writing 3, m always a little puzzed by the fetish for origniality. The conceptual work is as interested as much in its reception as it is in its creation. Now poetry must find new avenues of thought beyond poetry itself. Langpo has pushed poetry as far as poetry can. Its mission is to turn cultural capital into capitalized culture through the mantra we psychology assignment mark rubric are what we sell. Products, conceptualism was not prescriptive, for example, we sell what we are. For Kant, foong time I have hesitated to write a book on man. At all times, yet participate in it fully, different people will understand the same thing in a different ways.

Raw information without worrying exercises about supposed meanings. Northwestern University Press, and value artifice more than life itself. Kenneth Goldsmith, the form remains open to reimagination. I prefer email to hugs, has suggested that conceptual writing needs a thinkership rather than a readership. The next poem was inspired by something I overheard at the Buffalo Bill. Airconditioning to gentle breezes, conceptual Writing by Women, in the FBI. One must never disregard the physical characteristics of the printed volume 2011 xxvii, t the very act of writing preclude any kind of pure conceptuality. Any tome will occupy space, doesnapos, conversely. And reframing Iapos, in a conceptual work the ungraspable element is more complex. The unapprehended and unidentified perpetrator.

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