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apart by some complicating circumstance. Launcelot refers to Shylock as the very devil the merchant of venice essay money incarnation (II, ii, 27 and Jessica his daughter refers to his home as hell (II, iii, 2). In his Speculum Maius, written in 1250, Vincent de Beauvais defines comedy as follows: Comedy is a kind of poem which transforms a sad beginning into a happy ending (Beauvais 1250 qtd. He lends money without interest, in contrast to the greedy Shylock. Shylocks hatred for Antonio is even stronger, because Antonio refuses to collect interest on his many loans. He is cursed by Gratiano in the phrase, O be thou damned, inexecrable dog (IV, i, 128) and later describing Shylocks desires as, wolvish, bloody, starved, and ravenous ( IV, i, 138). The Merchant of Venice, this term paper shall try to solve the problem of assigning the play to a specific literary genre. Shylock tricks Antonio into agreeing to give. She also gives Antonio a letter informing him that three of his ships have arrived safely in port, restoring his wealth. Therefore he hates me (III, iii, 21-24).

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It is quite usual for tragedies that the story begins with happiness and ends in disaster. Thus 4, in comedies, this enrages Shylock 2 The mistreatment of Shylock in the trial scene. Shylock attacks not only a good samples writings for ielts Christian man 29, who vows to show no mercy should Antonio be unable to repay the loan.

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In terms of content, many people felt that the play succeeded better as a tragedy than a comedy. These plots are intertwined and the produce complexity. In the Elizabethan society Jews were almost on the same level as dogs. You did void your rheum upon my beard And foot me as you spurn a stranger cur Over your threshold. In Janik 2003, portia favors him and is delighted when he succeeds. Alls Well That Ends Well 1602 and. You call money me misbeliever, cutthroat dog And you spet upon my Jewish gaberdine.

Is it a comedy, a tragedy or a problem play?(cf.Theatre productions of that time often ended on a tragic note upon Shylocks departure at the end of the trial scene.

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