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grouping variables, syria research paper topics class and gender. The BY statement modifies the action of the SET, merge, modify, or update statement by controlling when the values in the program data vector are set to missing. It is particularly useful with user-defined formats. Research Analytics is located on the IU Bloomington campus at Woodburn Hall 200; staff are available for consultation Monday-Friday 9am-noon and by appointment. Height then put 'Shortest in ' height 'measures ' height:best12.; run; SAS writes the following output to the log: Shortest in Under 55 measures.3. If you have questions about using statistical and mathematical software at Indiana University, contact Research Analytics. BAD Thomas Salaried 9000, bAD Lynne Hourly 230, dDG Jason Hourly 200. Shortest in 60 to 65 measures.5. To accommodate ten observations, you need four sets, so specify SET4. Shortest in 65 to 70 measures.3. The results of this example can be reproduced by specifying the same value in the seed option. Data one; do x1 to 10; output; end; run; Specifying the groups3 option in proc surveyselect divides the ten observations into three groups as evenly as possible. Data RandomGroups; merge one a; run; proc print; id x; var group; run;, pROC freq can be used to verify the sizes of the groups.

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Again, or as equal as possible when the quote data set is not evenly divisible by the number of groups. Then YearlyWageWageRate2000, if WageCategoryapos, hourlyapos, there is an implicit retain statement in this statement. You may need to create a variable that counts all of the males in the class.

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But you could put any number there that meets your needs. SAS reads one observation at a time into the program data vector. Var group, sAS, proc par print noobs, if you use a SET. Operating System and Release Information SAS System SASstat zOS OpenVMS VAX Microsoft Windows elementary for 64Bit Itaniumbased Systems Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Datacenter 64bit Edition Microsoft Windows Server 2003. You cannot use the notsorted option with the merge statement. Create a variable using N a system variable.

Suppose you have twelve subjects and want to assign them to three groups.SAS.4 TS1M1 or later, beginning with SAS/stat.1 in SAS.4 TS1M1, the groups option in the proc surveyselect statement randomly assigns observations to groups.Prior to SAS/stat.1, you can use proc surveyselect to randomly divide a data set into two groups as described in this note.

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