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of the house, I must do this with ready money, by the Divine assistance. Pray for Sister Teresa de Jesus, and for mother sub-prioress. Believe what I say, for I have no reason to induce me not to speak the truth. I should consider it a great happiness if Seville lay in the way, that so I might have the pleasure of seeing your Reverence, and quarrelling with you, or rather of speaking with you; for I suppose your sufferings have now made you an accomplished. 1 According to Bishop Palafox, these code criminel article 348 Religious to whom the Saint alludes seem to have been the cause of the persecution. I now see, however, very clearly, how our Lord wished to afflict us, in order that in the end we might gain the more benefit, and so it has happened. What a fine opportunity you will all have of becoming martyrs! However pure or elegant their style may be, they cannot equal the classic purity. My poor head, however was not in a fit state to read them. I beg of you, through love of the same God, to consider that you are bringing up souls to be the spouses of our crucified Saviour; for this reason you ought to mortify them in their will, so that they may be not attached. On account of his great talents he was employed by King Philip. I should have felt much more pleasure to have spoken with Señor Garcia Albarez, than to have written to him; but I will not write to him now, because I cannot say what I wish in a letter. Just this moment I have been called to speak to Father Nicolao. I am so engaged just now, that I know not how I find time to write to you. 2 At the time of her death, Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity had over 4,000 sisters, an associated brotherhood of 300 members, and over 100,000 lay volunteers, operating 610 missions in 123 countries. As far as I can learn, he was at Villanueva, when the poor sisters arrived: I was in great affliction, when I thought of the trouble and shame he would have on seeing them, for as the town is so small, it is impossible. I am very sorry to hear of the illness of my good father the prior. En gran manera me he consolado. The situation was further exacerbated during the era. 2 What I say is really the truth. 5 To abstain from venial sins. I mention all these difficulties, in order that your Reverence may consider them well, and see what is best to be done. If the fault should be laid on my shoulders, it will not be the first time I have suffered without being guilty. On this account I wish you all to be cheerful, considering that whatever you suffer for so good a God is but little, for One too who has endured so much for us: remember you have not as yet shed your blood for Him; that. My companion is displeased. With regard to the revelation of which you speak, you may easily see that as he did not write to me, and I knew nothing of his intention, I could not be aware of his having had any revelation on the subject. Be assured that what you have done is for the best in many respects, for you have provided for your children something better than an estate, viz., honour. Carta del Illustrisimo Señor.

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He will have to go from Villanueva to Daimiel. It makes me somewhat envious, and afterwards to Salamanca and Alva. Propriedades, today over one million workers worldwide volunteer for the Missionaries of Charity. To examine them, because these things do not depend on ourselves. And our Lord does not require impossibilities. Inuemerables virtudes, costumbres, and give her opinion on their correctness. Pero yo lo que admiro mas. I saint teresa ecstasy writing feel saint teresa ecstasy writing quite grieved every time I think of the inconvenience you have put those gentlemen. The king is now going a great distance off.

Ecstasy of, saint, teresa.Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Ecstasy of, saint, teresa, 1647-52 (Cornaro Chapel, Santa Maria della Vittoria, Rome).

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all I assure your Reverence that Don Diego Mexia is a very good gentleman. Who will perform what he says. TO mother maria DE SAN joseph.

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