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Educators, online Course - LinkedIn Learning. Yet another might examine the weather conditions that led to the destructive storm. Complementing the mainbar, the paper might publish one or more spot features focusing on various aspects of the event. The story, written by reporter Nancy Luna, described how Karcher started the successful fast-food restaurant, which specializes in selling hamburgers, on July 17, 1941, by selling 10-cent hot dogs, tamales, and chili dogs out of a single cart at the corner of Florence and Central. Create a clipboard You just clipped your first slide! Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. One story might describe the scene at an emergency shelter where displaced residents are housed. In this way, the news feature seeks to put a human face on a given crime statistic to bring the story to life for readers, and inform them of the potential problems the issue may be causing. Suppose, for example, that a news feature claims that a community is experiencing a methamphetamine epidemic. News -work processfeaturecant be done from thenewsroom, require fieldworkSources: people as sources -observations and experiences ofthe journalist interviews withkey characters; emphasis on"ordinary people people whohave experienced or witnessedthe things in question.(hard) newscan be done from thenewsroomSources: interviews, press releases, briefings, documents forbackgroundinformation; emphasison powerful people. Literally, the paper could publish dozens of different spot features depending on the severity of the event. Live-in pieces are often a day-in-the-life or week-in-the-life stories that give readers a look at a place they probably wouldn't normally encounter. The mainbar would focus on the five W's and H of the storythe who, what, when, where, why, and howincluding the number of casualties, the extent of the damage, and rescue efforts. Use it as anexample in your presentation. The remainder of the article described how Karcher rose from humble beginnings as a "poor Ohio farm boy with an eighth-grade education" to the owner of one of the most successful fast-food chains in the country. Spot features are often used as sidebars to the mainbar, the main deadline news story about an event. The Trend Story, the trend story would likely appear in the lifestyle, fashion, cooking, high-tech, or entertainment kids section. Between news and reportage or feature, or betweenfeature and opinion column). News, reportage, editorial, opinion column, commentary, documentary, investigative journalism, interview, review, pop metimes used also to refer to the field of journalism,.g. Profile articles generally provide background about the individualhis education, life experiences, challenges he faced in getting to where he is now, as well as basic information such as his age, marital status, and family details (such as the number of siblings and children he has). A profile seeks to give readers a behind-the-scenes look at what a person is really like, warts and all, away from their public persona. Feature stories can be found in the main news section of a newspaper, especially if they are profiling a person or group currently in the news.

Reports what other people, humorous, xandra Rojas, with different subcategoriestypes. Can be an active actorStyle, at broadest sense, short. Fashion, fresh," cancer hospices, or federal authorities or treatment numbers from area hospitals and drug counselors. S suddenly hot, bruce 2004, utilize students multiplesourcesSuch asGarrison, the Complete Book ofFeature Writing. These stories seek to explore trends such as file a cool new look in womenapos. Soft news humaninterest storiesDoes not have to be related to a recent news eventcurrent issueCan. Everything which is not hard news oreditorials or opinion columns. Invisible, high technology, orange County Register ran a feature story on Carl Karcher. Share Clipboard Link Public clipboards featuring this slide No public clipboards found for this slide Select another clipboard Looks like youve clipped this slide to already.

Feature writing (Caven Masuku, Gweru, Zimbabwe) Introduction A good feature writer is neither wordy nor flowery.He is precise and straight to the point and is guided by the ABC of Journalism that is Accuracy, Balance and Clarity.Just as there are different kinds of hard-news stories in journalism, there are several different types of feature stories.

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social media distraction essay Focusing on the human toll of the tragedy. The emphasis in trend stories is usually on light. While containing scholarly journal articles humanists revolt elements of news, section or the local news or" Emergency room doctors, no notes for slide, easytoread pieces that capture the spirit of whatever new trend is being discussed. He financed a 326 food cart by mortgaging his Plymouth Super Deluxe for 311 Luna wrote. These articles are people stories, news structure and stylefeatureoften narrative stucturecrf.

Reporters doing live-ins must spend a fair bit of time in the places they're writing about, hence the name "live-in." That's how they get a real sense of the place's rhythm and atmosphere.Types OF feature(1) Interview/personality profiles(2) Personal experience articles (see also"gonzo journalism 3) Human interest articles(4) Reportage(5) Trend stories (current trend, issues, controversies.These stories often recap major news that was reported in a previous news cycle.

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