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microscopy trainings, investigation on training data is not commonly practiced in Ethiopia and other countries. 2007, Chapel Hill, NC: IntraHealth International, Google Scholar IntraHealth: Performance-based learning: applying a new approach at a nursing school in Mali. All of them were certified with training of trainers (TOT) in AFB microscopy. Data was entered and analyzed using spss statistical soft ware (version 16) at a statistical significance of p .05. Proficiency of the trainees was lower than the standard before they were trained but due to the effect of training they were able to attain the standard score. Dhaka: NGO Service Delivery Program; 2007, unpublished ). In the post training practical assessment, it was also observed that participants from private health facilities have performed better than those from government (p.011). Health Worker, postpartum Care, community Midwife, systematic Instructional Design. All these trainees were enrolled at different times in the eight rounds of training and their evaluation was based on their score on pre and post training assessment on theory and practice. These factors include trainer skills and motivation, facilities and equipment, and institutional support. Chapel Hill, NC: IntraHealth prime II Project; 2004, unpublished ) evaluated the effectiveness and usability of the LFP -revised chapter and found significant improvement. In order to have efficient AFB microscopy centers, it is imperative to have continuous refresher training for laboratory professionals and strong External Quality Assessment (EQA) system). Both theoretical and practical assessments were corrected by the trainers who were senior medical laboratory professionals with at least Bachelors degree in medical laboratory technology and minimum of 5 years of service. 2000, Paris, France: iuatld, 5 Google Scholar World Health Organization: Laboratory services in tuberculosis control: Oreganaization and management, Part I WHO/TB/. Data on those trainings were retrospectively investigated to measure the effect of training on performance of trainees in the form of post test assessment. Methods, a cross-sectional retrospective study was conducted to appraise theoretical and practical performance of laboratory professionals before and after AFB microscopy training. 1998, Paris, France: International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, Google Scholar Martinez-Guarneros A, Balandrano-Campos S, Solano-Ceh MA, Gonzalez-Dominguez F, Lipman HB, Ridderhof JC, Flisser A: Implementation of proficiency testing in conjuction with a rechecking system for external quality assurance in tuberculosis laboratories in Mexico. Each trainee was provided with 10 stained slides and the reading was corrected out of 100 in which 10 point was given for correct reading, 5 point for Quantification Error (QE) and 0 point for any type début article de loi of false reading (Low False Positive, High False. 2007, Chapel Hill, NC, Google Scholar Murphy; licensee BioMed Central Ltd. .

It is important to evaluate the impact of training on performance of microscopy centers. Retrospective investigation was conducted in lfp get articles unpublished December 2011 to assess effect of AFB microscopy training on performance of laboratory professionals. Most of the tuberculosis cases and deaths are reported in developing countries.

lfp get articles unpublished Our study was not without limitations. Which led to wide variations of a module from one year to the next and from one faculty member to another. Surveillance, they visited health facilities that employ the schoolapos. EIGapos, characteristics of trainees Out lfp get articles unpublished of 316 trainees 5 did not participate in similar previous trainings and 236.

Instructional Design Process, training is frequently proposed as a stand-alone intervention to fix a service delivery problem.It is estimated that one third of the worlds population is infected with.

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