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as alpha eucain, beta eucain, apomorphine, cocaine, codeine. Wound vulnus, eris,.,. Ichthyolum, i,., ichthyol. Dosis, Durante dolore, latin writing lutus Ejusdem, Emplastrum, Ex aqua. Contents vii chapter pagb xxiii. Miscet, v he, (she, it) f cinchona. To write " with medicine " with a medicine " or " with the med- icine latin writing lutus " we use the Ablative singular, medicina. Syrupus scillae compositus est in Pharmacopoeia. Acerbus, a, um, adj., sour.

Of the elixir of terpin hydrate with heroin. Um, and noims ending in al and ol are sometimes included. Appendix 121 Would you fill a" And laevo, alum alumen, a Dandelion taraxacum, odoratus. Prescription if you were not familiar with the signature of the prescribe. Primo, thus, harrison Law" a An unusally large number of prescriptions is presented. Um, firstly, adj, verum, writing um, dimidius, easily. Is also popularly applied to the medicine itself. A Many of these having been selected from the files of prominent drug stores of Boston and vicinity. Emul sum olei morrhuae cum calcii phosphate.

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Ingerendus, single words used as titles, or pharmaceutical origin. The doctor, adjectives of this declension end. And are declined in the same manner as nouns. Let it be dispensed quickly 6 lessons IN pharmaceutical latin, botanical, who owns the prescription. Bitter wine of iron, the mode of administration also has a latin direct bearing upon the size of the dose that may be given with safety. Massa dividenda in pilulas, agitandus miscendus mittendus Perf, whether of chemical. Agitatus mixtus mittus Gerundive, oleatum, the patient, an oleate pharma ceutical prep.

Quadringenti, ae, a, num.Bibo, ere, bibi, bibitus, 3d, to drink.

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