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and set up an obstruction in intercultural contact. General Essay Topics, dont forget to share. A sense of loss of friends, status, occupation and property. Chinese regard western food such as sandwich and hamburger as junk food. Such meetings usually enrich people, but often contact with a different culture leads to problems and conflicts caused by lack of understanding aristotle writing style of the culture. These may lead you to stress if you do not know how to deal. According to studies, culture shock has a direct impact on our mental and even physical condition. A number of scholars have discussed the definition of culture shock. Range of symptoms of culture shock is very wide from mild to severe emotional stress disorders, psychosis, and the side-effects are alcoholism and suicide. When a person is in a new culture, a familiar orientation system is inadequate because it is based on other views of the world, other norms and values, behavior and perception. Causes of Culture Shock, when one enters an unfamiliar environment, why will he encounter culture shock? So they are apparently indifferent and callous towards you and your anxieties. As we know, there are more than 60 different languages in this world and each language has different dialect in difference place. When a person is in a new culture, a familiar orientation system is inadequate because it is based on other views of the world, other norms and values, behavioral and perception. Yes and no are classic examples. One of the most important factors to adapt to a different cultural environment is to establish contacts with the local population, as well as friendly policies pursued by the state in relation to immigrants. It is usually felt within the first few weeks upon entering a new environment that is strange and different to the lifestyle you experience at home. Doubtlessly, these students have become vital for the study of culture shock. Chinese think Hindus bathing in the river Ganges is unsanitary. There is a long list of cultural norms needed to be learned by overseas students before or during a sojourn. Essay topic, cultural Shock is a new worrying concern for few immigrants. It is important to realize that all of these different experiences are natural components of the adaptation to the new environment. In practice, it is often over-expressed in the care of cleanliness of dishes, laundry, water quality, and in psychosomatic disorders, generalized anxiety, insomnia, fear. Just like in a marriage, the honeymoon does not last forever. Value is a kind of social consciousness, and it can identify what kind of behavior, survival patterns and interaction guidelines will be adopted by individuals, groups or societies. Due to the avoidance, they cannot understand the new cultural identity, and even mistake their cultural norms as universal ones that everyone can accept.

They avoid and resist people and things they are not familiar. Oberg 1960 popularised it to refer to the anxiety that results from losing all of our familiar signs and symbols of social intercourse. After which you writing feel the stress and inconvenience. Being not accepted by andor accepting members of the new culture. These differences create much more difficulties and cause most of the misunderstandings and disappointments. Avoiding Unfamiliar People and Things, for example, one cannot break the barriers to achieve intercultural understanding.

Culture shock is one of the very common problems many face, especially when travelling abroad.For the purpose of this essay, the term culture shock refers to the unfamiliar feeling.

Foreign students in the USA who cannot speak English well may be isolated socially. How should I greet when I first meet them. He identified six different aspects of culture shock. It depends on their individual psychological characteristics and the degree of similarity or dissimilarity of the cultures. Hence government or any other organisation shout conduct awareness programs for the new immigrants.

Liked our Article, Share.(Bennett, 1977) A number of new theories have been proposed which elaborate it from different aspects.Ethnocentrism, constituted by ethno and centrism, refers to a cultural bias that leads people to judge another cultures habits and practices as right or wrong, good or bad (Samover Porter, 2000).

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