What is a characteristic of internal monologue in modernist writing

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split up from each other. As I marched down the hall with my head held high, and my beautiful sister beside me, I knew that some things are way more important than hair. Sure, you can guess what a person (in real life or on the screen) is feeling and thinking by looking at their body language their facial expressions and. A long interior monologue tends to happen during the slower bits in between action scenes. Many classical monologues come fromplays by Shakespeare. She said she'd fallen down, her basementsteps, but there was an odd, faraway how is oedipus a tragic hero essay look in her eyes when she toldme. She never told anyone. It is an efficient way of conveying information that the character speaking may not wish the other characters in the play to know but which it is important the audience should understand. And its not a question of one method being better than the others, either. Specifically, a monologue refers to the uninterrupted comments of one person. They're very useful at times. Inner monologue in a story may be used to reveal a characters self-speak and preoccupations.

What is a characteristic of internal monologue in modernist writing

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The expression of a character s thoughts so that the audience can witness (or read, in literature) what is going on inside that.Monologues give the audience and other characters access to what a particular character is thinking, either through a speech or the vocalization of their.

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