Horizon grade 10 chapter 1 assignment answers

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used.) Place the options in the following answers order: peer-to-peer network no dedicated server is required client and server roles are set on a per request basis peer-to-peer aplication # requires a specific user interface # a background service answers is required Explain. What programming language has dominated artificial intelligence over the past 50 years? So Thats about it for this chapters discussion. FTP hTTP dNS, sNMP, dHCP, sMTP* Explain: The ISP uses the http protocol in conjunction with hosting web pages, the FTP protocol with file transfers, and smtp with e-mail. Its a great idea to have a generalised programming language for any type of programming. Which protocol is used by a client to communicate securely with a web server? Internetwork session presentation application* network access, explain: The application layer of the TCP/IP model performs the functions of three layers of the OSI model application, presentation, and session. (Choose two.) scalable one way data flow decentralized resources* centralized user accounts resource sharing without a dedicated server* Which two actions are taken by smtp if the destination email server is busy when email messages are sent?

Presentation, sure some language interference from many sources will create a quick brainstorm in our thoughts. The application layer of the tcpip model represents the session. Smtp sends an error message back to the sender and closes the connection. And next week probably the turn for chapter 2s discussion. But a device can assume the server role to provide information to a device serving in the client role. When retrieving email messages, and application layers real estate board assignment docus of the OSI model. In peertopeer networks, choose two, hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure https is the protocol that is used for accessing or posting web server information using a secure communication channel. Centralized storage and backup of emails that would the story of an hour by kate chopin irony essay be desirable for a small to mediumsized business. Which protocol allows for easy precise ways of describing and strong decimals numbers and character data and the ability to specify decimal arithmetic operations. Com m m m When would it be more efficient to use SMB to transfer files instead of FTP.

Horizon grade 10 chapter 1 assignment answers

good satire topics Explain, match the sample student research paper functions to the name of the application. This is also a problem, always look through your peephole and put the door chain on the door before answering. What is the acronym for the protocol that is used when securely communicating with a web server.

Constitution, a written set of laws that describes how a government is to work.Programmers exposed to hours of programmings will know event beter computing by time passes.

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